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Welcome to Diablo Behavioral Healthcare

Our group of highly trained providers spans a wide spectrum of professionals from Board Certified Child and Adult Psychiatrists to Clinical Psychologists, Speech and Language Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, and Educational Psychologists. We are one of a few, if any, provider groups in the bay area that offers such inclusive services.

We assist parents in the "Failure to Launch" phenomenon, whereby those late teens to early 20-something young people that seem to fail at college; sit and play video games endlessly, showing no motivation to move on or even have any idea how to begin life as a young adult. The concept of technology addiction (including the internet, gaming, and texting) is becoming more widely understood as a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We hear, all too often, that the child or teen will sit in front of the computer, or any wireless electronic device, for hours playing their games or surfing the web. If asked to join the family or stop for school or dinner, an angry outburst is common often escalating to the point of near violence. We specialize in the hard-to-conceptualize problems such as video game addiction and have the expertise and professionals to assist in overcoming this behavior.

Some of our unique services are assisting parents that have a child that is being bullied at school, whether by teachers or other children and we work together to make real changes at the school site. Too often parents are met with what we call the "do do principal" at the school. This is the difference between what the school says they will do and what they do do, and sadly the bullying continues and the child suffers, often quietly without telling anyone. This lack of action on the part of the schools can lead to depression and even suicide, in these often very vulnerable children and teens.

We also assist parents in the educational planning process with attendance at IEP's, SST and other school related meetings to act as an advocate for the child to receive the services that fall under FAPE, which stands for Free and Appropriate Public Education. We understand Special Education law and it's meaning for parents and the schools as well.

We assist parents in understanding developmental disorders in language and cognitive development. We specialize in the difficult to understand cases such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Mood Disorders. We can evaluate for learning problems and behavioral problems.

We treat more than the tip of the iceberg! What does this mean? Treating just the tip of the iceberg means just taking a cursory look at the surface issues, as so many other providers do. Treating more than the tip of the iceberg means that we take the time necessary to examine the submerged portion of the iceberg, to do a comprehensive evaluation and lay a solid foundation for change. This is what sets our behavioral team apart from others. Our approach assists parents to find the real answers which lead to real and positive solutions. This is what we do do.


If you suspect that you or a loved one is struggling with a behavioral disorder, you've come to the right place.  On our Symptoms page we describe some of the most common symptoms seen in individuals with the following disorders:

Attention Deficit Disorder
One of the most common diagnostic labels and one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed conditions. Often children and adults with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger's are diagnosed with ADHD. WE know what ADHD is and what it isn't.
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
This category includes Asperger's, Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder not otherwise specified. A very confusing area and one of the most misdiagnosed of all categories. As mentioned above these children and teens are often diagnosed as ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and many others. We know how to evaluate and get it right and therefore the treatment right.
Bipolar Disorder in Adults
Bipolar Disorder is a cruel and devastating disorder and also frequently misdiagnosed. Most with a true mood disorder will have their first episode as a depression. Misdiagnosing and placing a patient on an antidepressant can cause havoc and an increase in symptoms such as suicidality. Taking the time and getting a good family history can avoid these pitfalls.
Body Image Disorders
Also know as Body Dysmorphic Disorder this little understood area affects more children and teens then is realized. This is a preoccupation with some aspect of the body such as the face, lips, hips, arms, legs etc. These folks will spend hours looking in the mirror and avoid going out so others do not see the perceived defect. Proper treatment can give these people their lives back.
Internet & Gaming Addiction
This is an issue rapidly growing in severity and significance for parents, employers and teachers, not only nationally, but around the world. While most associate addiction with substances such as drugs or alcohol, professionals are recognizing addictive behaviors as well. Often the child or teen will require more time at gaming in a subconscious attempt to balance their mood. If their gaming or internet access is restricted in any manner, the child or teen may experience a sense of deep melancholy, become irritable, or can even become aggressive towards caregivers. They often avoid social encounters, homework, and other daily responsibilities, just so they can be allowed to continue on with their games. If anyone you know exhibits any of these behaviors, it may be a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. For more information see, http://www.clinicalpsychology.net/how-clinical-psychology-is-improving-our-understanding-of-internet-addiction/
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
A common disorder but commonly misdiagnosed especially as ADHD by the poorly trained. These children, teens and adults have the opposite of ADHD, they have Attention Surplus Disorder. They can't stop paying attention to something irrelevant, such as praying, hand washing, counting, blinking, staring and "issues with intimacy" are also significant. Can you imagine being in a relationship, or with your own child and being repelled by the idea of touching or kissing them? This is a sad but rather common symptom that causes all kinds of problems and great distress. Proper treatment can be very effective for these conditions. It is so unfortunate that it takes on average 10 years for the correct diagnosis and correct treatment to occur.? If you have any questions about OCD call us for more information or just to discuss your situation.
Pediatric Bipolar Disorder
This hot topic has been in the news for some time. It is felt that it is both under diagnosed and over diagnosed. Knowing the difference is what sets aside real competence. We see children diagnosed with the common labels such as ADHD, OCD, PDD that actually have mood disorders. We also see those with the Bipolar Label that are in fact ADHD, OCD, etc. It's not easy to get it right but competent clinicians that take the time and actually talk to the child, teen and parents and having the best trained Child Psychiatrists we can move the family towards a more tranquil and even keeled family situation.

Our Resources page lists what we consider to be valuable books, articles, websites and other resources for individuals who want to learn more about behavioral disorders and Clinical Neuroscience, in general.


We welcome both those with concerns about themselves or a family member as well as other therapists and clinicians in the area to call us with any questions they may have. If we don't know, we will find out as one of our sayings is, "The mark of a true professional is to know when you don't know."


Educational Testing and Advocacy: Diablo Behavioral Healthcare will now offer to residents of the area a new and highly competent Educational Testing service. For parents that have concerns with their child's educational progress we have brought on board a new PhD Educational Psychologist. This service is not meant to replace what the school districts provide but to bring another level of expertise and a second opinion to what your district may present to you about your child's abilities or special needs. For more information on this service contact our office.

Genetic Testing: We are proud to now be able to provide our patients a type of genetic testing that will allow for better dose adjustment and to prevent adverse drug reactions. For further information just call our office and ask about genetic testing can help. This is especially true for older people that are often on a number of different medications and often the prescribing MD's are not talking to one another.


Article contributions from our staff members can be viewed on the Featured Article page.  This information is updated periodically, and all previous articles can still be accessed from the Archived Articles button link found on the same page.

The current Featured Article is:
"The State of the Field of Mental Health."

It is our hope that this information will help our visitors better understand the behavioral challenges they see in themselves and/or their loved ones and take appropriate steps toward a comprehensive treatment plan.

Iceberg Theme
You'll notice that the theme of our site is based on an iceberg.  The iceberg illustrates a common problem in the diagnosis of behavioral disorders in today's healthcare environment, where only the 20% that is visible above the surface is diagnosed and treated while the remaining 80% goes undiagnosed and untreated. 

Spectrum Diagnosis & Treatment
Complicating diagnosis and treatment is the fact that most individuals suffering from a behavioral disorder are actually being influenced by a spectrum of multiple disorders that make each individual case unique.

Too often, healthcare professionals with limited education and experience identifying behavioral disorders will diagnose and treat a patient for a single disorder, resulting in a less than ideal treatment plan and additional, sometimes worse, behavioral issues.  If you believe that you or a loved one is experiencing a behavioral disorder it is important that you seek professional assistance from a healthcare professional with the education and experience to properly diagnose and treat the full spectrum of behavioral disorders.

As you move through this site, keep in mind that the goal is to increase your understanding of clinical neuroscience, while also turning you into an advocate for change for others. We hope you find this site valuable and that it helps improve your life or the life of someone you love.

William Shryer, DCSW, LCSW
Clinical Director
Diablo Behavioral Healthcare
Danville, CA





Frequently Asked

Q1.  How do I know if my child is Autistic? 

Q2.  What are the symptoms of manic-depression?

Q3.  Will my medical insurance cover your services?

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