Consultation and Treatment

New Patients

After reading through the pages on this website you may be interested in an evaluation, or in becoming an ongoing patient, at our clinic.

The first step is making sure that you know our clinic is the best fit for you and your family. We have tried in these pages to give you a fair amount of information about what we do.  Additional information can be found in the Overview section.

Our initial consultation is very comprehensive. It involves filling out a questionnaire that is 30+ pages, and then coming in for a 2-hour Clinical Evaluation and then, for most patients, a 2-hour Psychiatric Evaluation. For most people who come to see us, this thoroughness is a relief. However, it is probably not for you if you are in an urgent need for immediate changes in treatment.  We are not a "medication-only" clinic, and will not prescribe medication until after a patient has undergone our Clinical and Psychiatric Evaluations. It is probably also not for you if you are pretty satisfied with previous evaluations and are looking for "med checks" and/or infrequent counseling sessions.  We strongly believe that regular therapy appointments, oftentimes in conjunction with monthly medication appointments, is the most effective combination for providing symptom relief, growth and change, and stabilization.

You also need to be comfortable with the financial aspects of receiving treatment at our clinic. We rarely accept insurance assignment (via Single Case Agreements only), and we are not part of any managed care plans. This means that you need to pay at the time of session.  Most of our patients do so with an automatic payment plan using their Visa or MasterCard, although we also accept cash or checks.  You will receive a detailed listing of all office fees and cancellation policies with your requested questionnaire packet.

Many of our patients do receive reimbursement from their insurance company for the care we provide, but this varies from insurance plan to insurance plan.  You must speak with our Billing Office to determine if your insurance company provides reimbursement, and we are happy to direct you on how to ask your insurance representative for your coverage details.  The billing office can be reached at 925-648-2650.

An initial consultation consists of two 2-hour evaluations with us and is a comprehensive assessment. Almost all of our new patients tell us that this consultation is the most thorough assessment that they have had. You should be prepared to pay $400 to $700 for the visits, respectively.

What is the Next Step?

The next step is to contact our main office at 925-648-4800 and speak with one of our staff, who will gather your information to send you the questionnaire packet and answer any additional questions you may have.  By reviewing our administrative information on this page, we hope to provide our patients with the peace of mind that comes with understanding the intake process for the most comprehensive and compassionate care.