A Parent Speaks about Her Son's Success

The following testament is from the mother of Noah, one of our young patients who has made exceptional improvement in his behavior:

"My son Noah was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. We have been to many, many different doctors, behaviorists, and psychologists throughout his 9 years. Right before we went to Diablo Behavioral Healthcare, we were seeing a doctor but not getting positive results. Each time I had a question or problem with Noah, at the time this doctor rarely called back and only had me e-mail him. It all started turning into one huge nightmare. Noah, for the first time, began to exhibit extreme behavioral problems; he became very aggressive and very depressed. His doctor began increasing his medications until he was bogged down with over 6 different pills taken 3 times a day. His behavior in his special day class got so bad that he was suspended for hitting and had an in-home teacher come to my house. When I thought there was no answer I heard about Diablo Behavioral Healthcare from an actual patient whom could not say enough great things about the doctors and behaviorist there, so I immediately called.   

Sue not only helped me with all the questions I had concerning insurance, but she got me in to see Dr. Goldman and William Shryer within 2 weeks. She was very empathetic to my situation and knew I needed help right away. Dr. Goldman and Bill Shryer saw that Noah was on a large amount of medication and all the wrong ones. They sat with my husband and I for over 3 hours going over everything. Well, it is now 6 months later and I have the son that I felt I almost lost. They put him on the correct medications and I was always able to call them at anytime and they spoke to me. It was so refreshing to know they cared for Noah as I did, and I never felt that with our previous doctors.  Dr. Goldman and Bill Shryer work hand in hand and they have been a Godsend to us. They take the time to hear what my husband and I have to say, and most of all they listen to what Noah has to say. So many of the other doctors never even spoke to Noah at our given appointment, they just fed us with more and more medications.

When you walk into Diablo Behavioral HealthCare, you get such a sense of family there and all of the office staff care so much for their patients that they are helping. Noah is doing well with his medications, and rarely has any aggressive behaviors and he actually enjoys going to school. For the first time in a long time, my husband and I have a peace of mind that we have people helping us and are there for our son."

                                                                                            --Noah's mother

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