Ryan Makes Great Improvement at School

"Ryan is 11 years old and has been diagnosed with various conditions over the last several years.  We have been to numerous doctors and tried several medications, but nothing seemed to help Ryan.  Ryan was having severe outbursts, unable to focus or concentrate in school, and would obsess from one thing to the next.  There were times when I thought, 'Where could I turn to next?'  I would always say to myself, 'As long as Ryan is OK, I will be OK'.  Being a single mother, I became frustrated trying to deal with doctors that really didn't seem to care. 

Then my stepson found Diablo Behavioral HealthCare on the internet, and gave me the information.  I contacted the staff and explained Ryan's situation.  Within two weeks we got an appointment for Ryan.  When we met Bill the first time he said, "Ryan will be easy"; after hearing him say that and talking with him for over an hour, I finally felt there would be hope for Ryan.  Bill and Dr. Goldman have placed Ryan on new medication, which has helped him a great deal.  They have worked with me on a weekly basis in monitoring Ryan, and anytime I have called they have always answered all my questions immediately.  It's nice to know that they actually take a personal interest in their patients. 

Ryan has made great improvements in school.  He stays more focused in class, no longer has severe outbursts, and overall seems to feel better about himself.  Since his new medication, Ryan has received the highest daily scores in school than he has in the last 3 years. 

Although it's still a long road ahead, Bill and Dr. Goldman have made both of our lives a lot happier. 

Thanks Bill & Dr. Goldman." 

-Ryan's mom

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