Emily Conquers Her Fears


This is Emily, 'Em' for short. Em has always loved school, but six months ago she became afraid to go. She was afraid of fire drills and the possibility of there being a fire. She has always loved school and it was hard for her to even get dressed in the morning. Do you see that smile? That was gone. After I found Diablo Behavioral HealthCare (thank you, Betsy!) things started to get better. Em is now happy to go to school and is not afraid anymore. I am so proud of her and all she has done in the last six months. It's hard to be that afraid but Em fought back. I have to thank the doctors and staff at Diablo Behavioral HealthCare for all the help they gave Em and me. Em now doesn't even look back at me when I drop her off at school. All I see is a big smile on her face. The best thing I could ever see is that smile. Thank you to all who put it back on her face.

 --Emily's mom, dad, and two brothers (or, two "crazy brothers" as Em calls them!)


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