Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Health & Nutrition: All About Eating Disorders
Explains some biological, psychological, and Social/Environmental causes for eating disorders, along with a brief overview of a few.
Website that provides an introduction to Eating Disorders, various Eating Disorder Topics, Self-Assessment Tests, Treatment Centers and Clinics, Resources (Books, Videos, Supplements), the latest News and Studies on Eating Disorders, Blogs, and Discussion Board.
Diagnosis of Eating Disorders in Primary Care
Article examines how the family physician can play an important role in diagnosing eating disorders and can coordinate the multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, nutritionists, and other professionals to successfully treat patients with these illnesses.

Casa Serena Eating Disorders Program
Offers an Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorders Program in the evenings, at a beautiful site that is located in Concord, CA.  Casa Serena is also linked to the Concord Therapy Center for Eating Disorders treatment that provides outpatient care for this population as well.
The Medifast Plan: Overcoming Eating Disorders
Provides resources on how to overcome a multiple of different eating disorders.



CCTV - With the Family in Mind

Below is the August 2007 schedule for the airing of "With the Family in Mind". All times are in PST.

Thurs, 8/9 @4:00pm

Click here for CCTV

TV30 - Juvenile Bipolar Disorder

Click here to view the program schedule for this 15-minute interview or to purchase a copy of the show.