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Contra Costa County Support Groups
NAMI's (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) list of support groups for patients and their caregivers.
Critical Mental Health Resource Guide for College Students
44% of college students report symptoms of depression, making it critical to address the mental health concerns of these young adults. Our guide discusses the most common issues facing students, from depression and anxiety to substance abuse and eating disorders.
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
National organization with an office in Berkeley, this website includes a portion on the 504/IEP plans for parents seeking guidance on obtaining proper accommodations for their child in the school setting.
A Guide to Securing Life-long Accommodations for Adult Children With Special Needs
The Guide to Buying Accessible Vehicles 
If you have a physical disability, finding the right used vehicle is crucial.
Dream Catcher Weighted Blankets 
Specializing in custom and pre-made weighted blankets and lap pads.
Extensive mental health information on specific topics, maintained by Jim Phelps, MD in Oregon. 
MIND Institute Distinguished Lecture Series- Recorded
Numerous videos that can be viewed online of speakers discussing various mental health topics.  Click on the speaker name to view the topic at hand, and click on Part 1 or 2 to watch the video clip.
(Note: RealPlayer is required to view the clips.)
Harvest House
An online natural food store that contains many products as well as a reference library, news, recipes, and health tools.
Positive Behavioral Support, by Lynn Kern Koegel, Robert L. Koegel, Glenn Dunlap
Straight Talk About Psychiatric Medications, Timothy E. Wilens
In this popular resource, Dr. Wilens provides essential guidance for parents facing tough choices about whether or not to give a child medication for emotional or behavioral problems. Packed with frequently asked questions, examples, and charts, the book explains which medications are prescribed for kids and why; their effects on health, emotions, and school performance; how to maximize the benefits; and when to consider other treatments instead.
The Feeling Good Handbook, by David D. Burns
Written by one of the prime developers of cognitive therapy, teaching how to remove the mental obstacles that hinder success--from test anxiety and fear of public speaking to procrastination and self-doubt.
 Xenophon Therapeutic Riding Center
Located in Orinda, CA, disabled people ride horses under the guidance of a trained instructor. This innovative therapy benefits the rider physically and emotionally. Therapeutic riding is fun, empowering, and healing for students and participants.
 Internet Mental Health Resource
Descriptions of all major mental illnesses and medications, discussion groups, book/magazine resources, latest research, and interesting article topics.
 National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
The definitive organization for mental health advocacy.

General - Child

This British website is devoted to references on understanding children's behavior problems.
Bed-Wetting Solutions
The Cleveland Enuresis Institute provides a solution for bed-wetting children and their families all over the world.
The Power of Positive Parenting, by Glenn I. Latham
Excellent parent reviews of this book.
The Mozart Effect, by Don Campbell
Shows how music can enhance the life of a developing child...includes music and movement exercises to help stimulate children's minds, music "recipes" for promoting mental organization and methods for reducing stress.
Communication-Based Intervention for Problem Behavior, by Edward G.. Carr, PH.D., Len Levin, M.A.
  Skills Training for Children with Behavior Disorders, by Michael L. Bloomquist
This clearly written book for parents and therapists is designed to enhance developmental skills in children with behavior disorders and to improve parent and family coping.
The Out of Sync Child, by Carol Stock Kranowitz, Larry B. Silver
Addresses Sensory Integration Dysfunction, a very common but frequently misdiagnosed condition that can manifest itself in excessively high or low activity levels, problems with motor coordination, oversensitivity or undersensitivity to sensations and movements, and other symptoms.

General - Health

One of the more comprehensive, user-friendly websites devoted to health concerns.
The Diet Cure by Julia Ross
The gist of The Diet Cure plan is that food allergies, hormonal irregularities, blood sugar swings, and thyroid dysfunction, among other factors, cause biochemical imbalances that lead to food addiction and weight gain, and that these problems can usually be lessened or eradicated with the proper diet and supplements.

General - Women

Woman: An Intimate Geography, by Natalie Angier
With clarity, insight, and sheer exuberance of language, Pulitzer Prize-winner Natalie Angier lifts the veil of secrecy from that most enigmatic of evolutionary masterpieces, the female body. Angier takes readers on a mesmerizing tour of female anatomy and physiology that explores everything from organs to orgasm, and delves into topics such as exercise, menopause, and the mysterious properties of breast milk.